Why should we have a wedding film?

Photographs are great. But, simply put, a photograph can only do so much. It can only capture a moment; an instant. A wedding video tells a story.

You'll be able to relive the moment the groom breaks down in tears as he sees his beautiful bride walk down the aisle, or feel the emotion during the touching vows that you deliver to one-another. Enjoy the hilarity of the Best Man's speech again and again, and shut out the world once more as you relive your first dance as if the two of you have taken to the dance floor for the first time again.

You'll be able to share your day with those who couldn't make it. You'll be able to relive it with your future children - and your children's children -  and allow them to feel as if they were there, and experience the love of your big day with you.

And, did you know, that a staggering 98% of brides that didn't budget for a wedding video lived to regret it? You only get married once, and you don't want to look back on it with any remorse.

As we say, photographs are great. But a wedding film can do so much more.

Why should I choose Full Focus Weddings?

Because we care. We are small studio rather than a cookie-cutter operation. Yes, we have a particular style that we've developed over our years of making wedding films, but our approach is always bespoke. Your film requires personalisation to truly portray the personality of you and your day! We know that, and take the time to understand your day, understand your relationship, and craft a film that you will truly cherish for life.

In nearly all instances, our weddings are shot and edited by us; Andy and Jamie. We don't outsource or subcontract anything that we don't have to, so you can be confident that we'll be in control throughout the entire journey of your film's fruition - from pre-wedding meetings, through the filming on your day, to the careful crafting of your film and beyond delivery. We are always the people you will speak to, and are always here for you if you need us.

We are forever upgrading our equipment to keep up with, and stay ahead of, the curve to ensure our films are not only beautiful keepsakes for our couples, but also technologically advanced to reassure you that quality is of paramount importance to us.

Can we have a meeting with you?

Absolutely! At some point we would hope you'd want to meet up with us, whether that's before you book (to get a feel for the kind of people we are and, in turn, for us to get a better understanding of you and the coverage that we can offer to best suit you) or leading up to your big day (to go over any new details you'd like us to know, or to get a run-down of how we'll likely cover your big day) it's hugely important to us that we're not strangers who magically appear and disappear at the beginning and end of your day, never to be seen again.

Ultimately, just like your photographer, we'll be with you throughout your entire day so it's essential that you like us as people - there's nothing worse than being unable to escape someone that grates on you during your big day!

How is the music chosen?

Due to copyright restrictions, we aren't legally able to use chart or 'album' music.

Instead, we actually create the music in our films ourselves, building the music around your film to match the quieter moments as well as the more jubilant points in your story; this allows us to reflect the truly unique nature of your big day in your film, as well as ensuring there are no copyright issues when you share your film on social media.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. Rest assured, we have all necessary insurances required of a professional company in our industry, including our £5million Public Liability insurance. Should your venue require a copy of our certificates, we're only too happy to provide these to them.

Are you prepared to travel to our wedding location?

100%. Whether you're getting married in Bognor or Barbados, Reigate or Ravello, we're happy to discuss travel arrangements with you to ensure we can be there and give you the level of service your day deserves.

How do we secure our date with you?

Simple! Firstly, please visit our contact page here. From there we like to know a little bit about you and your big day, including when it is so that we can check our availability.

Once you're happy to move forward with a booking, we send you a copy of our standard contract to sign and a detailed invoice of the service and products you'll be receiving. To secure the date, we require a deposit equal to 1/3 of the total package cost (e.g. for a £3000 package the deposit would be £1000). Your remaining balance is split in half, with one payment due 60 days before your wedding, and the other due 30 days before your wedding. This ensures your payments are manageable in the build up to your wedding.

How will I receive my film?

We deliver all of our films through the incredible service offered by MediaZilla.com. Unlike DVDs, BluRays and USBs that will eventually become obsolete (as VHS and BetaMax have before them), MediaZilla's online hosting of your film ensures lifetime access for you to stream from any device, now or in the future, as well as unlimited downloads for you to create as many DVDs/BluRays/USBs - and whatever technologies follow them - as you like! And all of this is presented on-screen with interactive menus, as if you were watching on DVD anyway!

However, should you also be interested in purchasing extra physical media from us we'd be happy to discuss this and include it in any package.

When will I receive my film?

This is probably the most common question we're asked. It's also the most difficult to answer. While we generally advise a delivery window of 3-6 months, this can be affected by a number of variables which are often beyond our control. 

Every film we create is different and, in turn, has its different challenges. On the surface, it may appear that creating a wedding film is as simple as pointing a camera and hitting record - we all have a smartphone that does this with ease, after all. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Film-making is a highly-skilled, complex art-form at the best of times, however weddings are so fluid and unpredictable that the filmmaker must be able to adapt to any situation at a moment's notice - and conditions may not be favourable. For instance, it could be that filming restrictions are imposed during a church ceremony, or perhaps the best man unexpectedly chooses to wander the room during his speech. It could even be that the weather is unfavourable and we end up filming your drinks reception in a darkish room - all of these situations aren't ideal, and we need to take extra care and attention in editing the film to ensure that your viewing experience isn't affected in any way.

As well as this, post-production is a detail-oriented process in its own right; from crafting the perfect music, to getting the colour grade just right, and even just constructing a narrative from the shots to create your story - it's a slow process when you're striving for perfection. Plus, some months are incredibly popular throughout peak season, and this may require us to adjust our edit queue accordingly to compensate for this. Either way, you'll nearly always receive a delivery from your photographer first, so it's advised to enjoy and cherish this as much as possible while waiting for your film to arrive. It'll be well worth the wait.

While you want your film back in a timely manner, it's clear that you wouldn't want it back having been rushed. Likewise, quality is our paramount concern, and we'd prefer to work on your film for as long as is necessary to make sure you're truly happy with it when you receive it.

Do you offer photography?

During our time making wedding films we've worked with a huge number of photographers, some of whom have complimented our style and approach perfectly, producing outstanding photography results as well as being thoroughly nice people to be around too. While we don't directly offer photography coverage ourselves, we'd be happy to recommend some of our preferred suppliers to you. Or, if you'd prefer, we can manage your entire media coverage for the day, organising and liaising with the photographer who will work under our umbrella for the day. Peace of mind that your videography and photography are in safe hands, no doubt.